ERTC Refunds

Attention Accountants
We Will Help You
Collect Up TO $26,000 Per Employee

For each client with 5 or more W-2 employees*

There is no cost or obligation to you or your clients.

Our ERTC Cash Recovery Service…
is designed to provide this significant financial  ad-on benefit to Accountants for their clients that have
5 or more full or part time W-2 Employees.
This is a tax refund from the government that doesn’t need to be paid back.

• Get Up to $26,000 per Employee With ERTC Credits
• Typical return averages $200,000 per application
• No Up Front Fees. No Credit Check. This Is Not A Loan
• Get more money from the IRS, even if you got PPP
• Qualify for ERTC in just 5 minutes

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